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Integrative chiropractic and Wellness Spa - Portland OR
Dr. Cyndi Myers at Integrative Chiropractic and Wellness Spa, NE Portland, provides you with a natural, drug free pain and injury chiropractic treatment. With several years of experience as a chiropractor in NE Portland, Dr. Cyndi Myers offers more than just chiropractic care. No Surgeries, No expensive medicines with side effects – just simple, effective and natural way to heal your body using chiropractic techniques.

At our chiropractic clinic in NE Portland, OR, we treat patients of all ages, and are excited to help all those that need chiropractic care for a particular condition, or just as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Why a team of practitioners?

Not all patients respond to the same chiropractic treatments. By giving you options on how a chiropractor can help, we give you more ways to get better as naturally and as quickly as possible. As your trusted chiropractor in Portland, want you to get out of pain rapidly, then we want to make sure you’re able to stay that way forever!

We Take Care Of Children Too!
Many people don’t consider natural chiropractic options when it comes to helping kids through their health problems, but it’s something we take care of everyday. With years of experience in chiropractic treatment of patients including children, Dr. Myers is of the opinion that children typically respond faster and need fewer treatments than adults.
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